Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just starting to take care of your skin or vascular health and you are not used to a routine of daily creams, I advise you to select one or two products first, and then over time, you add the rest of the line. I suggest you start with the Intensive Recover Moisturizer Cream and the Vein Relief with CBD. Essential products to start any leg beauty routine. The daytime moisturizer provides all the hydration your skin needs to combat external agents from the environment. However, never forget to drink between 2 to 3 liters of water a day, the perfect complement to maintain the freshness of the skin. On the other hand, the vein relief provides benefits of overall relaxation and wellness, while stimulating blood flow and fading the appearance of spider veins.

If you have been using skincare creams for a long time, I recommend the following: start with the Face and Neck Collagen Booster or the 5-in-1 Eye Cream. At night, continue with the Retinol Eye Cream, tapping gently with the fingertips around the area to achieve penetration and stimulate blood supply.

Take a look at yourself, what are you trying to achieve with skincare. When you have photodamage, and pigmentation, or dry skin, premature aging, but also pigmentation, how can you choose? Fortunately, most LIV MD products have more than one function. For example, the retinoic acid that makes up the Retinol Eye Cream (night cream) focuses on fighting free radicals that cause oxidation of dermal cells, that is, it directly fights skin aging, but it also has lightening effects on the skin and wonderfully regulates oiliness in oily skin. Retinol and retinoids are like silver bullets for the skin: they normalize it and act on aging, pigmentation, and blemishes. Now, let's choose another of the LIV MD products. If we choose ceramides (Intense Recovery), we obtain the active Ceramide NP, Ceramide AP, vitamin E, and Opuntia Ficus-Indica (Napol Cactus) Extract, this powerful mixture is a youth bomb and can be used to treat from oily skin to very dry skin, for both cases, the product will have an unparalleled effect when it comes to creating a natural hydration network because it accelerates the production of hyaluronic acid itself while firming the skin's structure.

There are many indications and benefits for each of the products and when I am going to use them, I am often confused!

Many people write down their routine or print friendly reminders to keep things organized. Otherwise, I advise you to label the bottles with key words that will help you remember.

If your skin is used to changing brands frequently and you haven't had any adverse response, you can do it with LIV MD and combine with another brand, but always following the order that is indicated and try first in a small area to rule out any type of allergy. Always remember: If you have doubts about the order in which the products should go on the skin, apply them in order of texture: thin and watery, ending with the thickest and fattiest

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